What Would Cause a Faucet to Stop Working?

What Would Cause a Faucet to Stop Working?

Has your faucet slowed down to a near drip? It could be an indication of a faulty faucet or even a water supply problem. Before you consider replacing the faucet, you should first determine what has caused the faucet to stop working. If it’s not your faucet, it could potentially be a serious underlying issue that leaves you with extensive water damage and other costly repairs. Don’t let that happen! Check out a few of the most common issues that could be the culprit.

The Water Supply

If your faucet isn’t running as it should, you should first look under the sink and check the shutoff valves. Both should be turned on all the way for the faucet to work. If they are, try turning them off and disconnecting the supply hoses so you can position these over a bucket. If you get adequate water flow when you turn on the valves, then you can be sure it’s not the water supply that’s your problem — it’s the faucet. On the other hand, if there’s no flow when you turn them on, it’s the water source or pipes at play.


Low pressure is often the result of mineral deposits accumulating in the faucet, pipes, or in the water heater. If you suspect this is the case, your best option is to call a plumber to come and inspect your pipes.

Clogged Aerator

An inconsistent water stream is often caused by a clogged aerator (the screen that covers the mouth of the faucet). You can easily remove the aerator and flush any of the mineral deposits away, but if it’s entirely blocked, you’ll need to buy a replacement one.

Faulty Faucet Cartridge

The faucet cartridge that turns your faucet on and off and mixes the hot and cold water can become plugged or blocked with a surge of minerals which can impact the performance of your faucet. You can easily replace this if yours becomes faulty, but you’ll need to know how to dismantle a faucet first.

Leaking Pipe

Have you noticed any unexplained condensation on the walls or water on the ground? You could have a leaking pipe. If you don’t have this addressed right away, it could end up bursting, causing water damage, and flooding in your home. Whenever you spot unexplained water inside your home, make sure to call a plumber to find the source.

If you’re having a faucet or water supply issue, contact us at Faucet Fix, and we’ll help find the source of what’s causing your faucet to stop working.

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