What to do When a Pipe Bursts

What to do When a Pipe Bursts

Burst pipes always happen when least expected, and often during the most inconvenient times. But before you call a plumber, there are some important steps you can take to minimize damage to your home. If you’re dealing with a leak or just want to be prepared for what to do when a pipe bursts, here’s what is involved.

Contain Water

First things first – you need to contain the water to prevent it from damaging any surrounding fixtures or leaking throughout areas of your home. So grab some towels and place them wherever necessary to soak up that water. If you notice areas that are bulging along your ceiling, pierce these to prevent water from pooling and causing structural damage.

Turn Off Water Supply

Another important step to remember on what to do when a pipe bursts is to stop the water flow by switching off the water supply valve. To do this, look for the shut-off valve that’s connected directly underneath the fixture. This will be either a chrome or plastic valve. Turn it off by moving the valve clockwise. This can be difficult to move so you may need to use a towel for extra grip. In some cases, with more severe bursts, you may need to switch off the main valve, which is usually located under the kitchen sink. Just look for where the main service line connects to the home.

Drain System

To prevent water from causing serious damage throughout your home, you may also need to drain the water from the system. Begin with by flushing the toilets and turning on the cold taps in your home.

Turn Heating System Off

To continue to drain the system, turn your central heating off. Check that the boiler and immersion heaters are off. Then turn on the hot water taps to drain.

Turn Off Nearby Electrical Switches

If the burst pipe is located near any electrical outlets or items, be sure to switch these off. You can access your fuse box to do this.

Contact Your Insurance

Once you’ve dealt with the immediate problem by switching off necessary components, it’s time to inform your insurance company of any water damage that has occurred. Whenever you have an issue happen such as this, it is imperative to contact them as soon as possible to file a claim. They can also advise you on the necessary steps you should take.

Document The Damage

If your flooring or any nearby furniture or fixtures have sustained damage, it’s important to document the damage. This means using a camera to snap pictures so you can provide necessary evidence of the damage, along with the cause or reason that it occurred. Taking notes is helpful too.

Call A Plumber

Once those essential steps have been completed, it’s time to call a plumber!

Our team here at Faucet Fix are licensed and qualified to repair bursts pipes and to handle any issues with your plumbing system. Contact us today for a fast and reliable repair!

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