What are the Most Common Faucet Problems?

Faucets can fail in a number of different ways, but faucet repair companies in the Ottawa area usually see the same type of problems crop up. Let’s run through the most common faucet problems we encounter and what solutions are available:

Poor Installation

Many faucet problems can be traced back to the installation itself. Wanting to take matters into your own hands with a DIY approach is all well and good, and you can accomplish a lot if you take things slowly and read the instructions. However, if you just rip open the packaging and try to piece together your new faucet like a puzzle, you could easily miss something, lose a piece, or install it wrong. In the end, the poor installation ends up being a cause of big problems down the road, like weak water pressure and leaks. If you’re aren’t 100% sure about how to properly install a plumbing fixture, call Faucet Fix. Our fast and friendly team will install all residential plumbing fixtures, with a full two-year warranty to boot. When it comes to faucets, preventative measures are as important as anything, and it all starts with installation.


Leaks are a very common faucet problem, and it’s one that is very easy for homeowners to notice. Leaks can develop in a number of different areas on the faucet: from under the handle, from the base of the spout, from the aerator, and from the spray head (if applicable). Fixing the leak may be as simple as replacing the O-rings, which tend to wear out relatively quickly. However, you may also have another more important part that is damaged, so your best bet is to call Faucet Fix, especially if the problem persists.

Weak Water Pressure

A sudden drop-off in water pressure is another common faucet problem. This is usually caused by a build-up of a mineral deposit called lime-scale inside the faucet. This build-up is more common in homes with hard water. You can carefully take your faucet apart to remove this build-up on a regular basis. However, weak water pressure can also be caused by a larger problem with the water supply. You can tell the difference if the water pressure problem is present throughout the house. In such cases, it’s time to call in Faucet Fix to evaluate your systems and get everything back on track.


Faucets age over time, and some components inside may start to corrode. If you develop rust on the inside or outside of your faucet, it can affect the quality of tap water, and the performance of the faucet will be reduced. If you see visible rust, definitely give us a call. But even if there are no signs on the external parts, reduced performance is a sign that you need to call in the experts.

The quality of your drinking water is so important, and it should never be left to chance. We’re proud to be the repair and replacement experts, so if you live in the Ottawa area give us a call anytime to fix your faucet problem.

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