Troubleshooting Common Washing Machine Problems

Troubleshooting Common Washing Machine Problems

Experiencing a few hiccups with your washer machine can equal disaster if you’re out of clean clothes and don’t have time to waste hand-washing or scouring the neighbourhood for a laundromat. With all of the advancements that are being poured into our appliances today, having something malfunction is more plausible than not, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take on a few repairs yourself! There are plenty of errors that homeowners can easily fix without the assistance of professional plumbing services. Rather than ignoring the problem, try some of these tips for troubleshooting common washing machine problems.


The Machine Won’t Start

If you’re faced with a wash cycle that won’t activate or a machine that won’t even turn on, don’t panic. Although this may seem like the worst-case scenario to experience with an expensive appliance, take comfort in knowing that it’s often for a simple reason – it’s unplugged. Seriously, you’d be surprised at just how often this is the reason for experiencing an unresponsive washing machine. Just think about all of the vigorous rattling and spinning it goes through during each cycle; it doesn’t take much to loosen a cord from the wall. Even if it’s still against the wall, it could have wiggled out enough to be disconnected.

Failing that, your next options are checking the breaker box, which might need to be flipped back on, or a potential issue with your waterline. Check for a clogged line or closed valve before calling a professional plumber for help.


The Drum Doesn’t Spin

If you notice that your load of laundry isn’t spinning as it should be in the machine, then it could point to a problem with the drum belt. If this is the case, it  can usually be put back since it can move around and get tossed out of place. Refer to your make and model instruction manual on how to access the belt. This will allow you to shift the belt once you can see what’s going on.


The Drainage Isn’t Working

If water is just sitting in the machine, this usually highlights an issue with the waterline, like a blockage. You can determine this by taking a look at the hose to see if there’s anything in it. Get some towels to catch any water still in the drum and try to disconnect the waterline from the machine and any other outlet it’s connected to. Once the hose is accessible, it helps to use a compressor to blow air through or even high-pressure water if you have access to a hose.

If you’ve tried each of these steps still to no avail, then your next step is to contact us at Faucet Fix. We have the knowledge and expertise to tackle any plumbing problems you’re dealing with!

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