The Benefits of Quality Shower Heads

The Benefits of Quality Shower Heads

Your daily shower routine doesn’t have to be focused solely on hygiene. With the right shower head, you can transform your shower into the ultimate spa-like oasis to help melt away your stress. Let us show you all the benefits of quality shower heads and why you should never cheap out on this purchase.

Conserves Water and Saves Money

Let’s start by talking numbers. When it comes to water consumption, when you switch to a quality shower head, you can save thousands of gallons of water per year. In fact, advancements in technology today have made shower heads much more energy efficient than ever before. Today, the latest and greatest models have the ability to decrease your overall water consumption by 40 percent or more (which transforms into significant cash savings on your monthly water and energy bills).

Reduces Hard Water and Chlorinated Water

Did you know that unfiltered shower water can contain all kinds of chemicals, like chlorine, bacteria, and even fungus? If you don’t want any of these substances impacting your shower time, then invest in a quality shower head that’s equipped with a filter. Finding one with a carbon or vitamin C filter can help to prevent harmful chemicals like chlorine and chloramine from being absorbed by your skin.

Creates a Great Shower

We’ve all been there — you’ve been standing in the shower for what feels like an hour trying to wash the product out of your hair, but you can’t seem to get it all because there’s a weak little trickle of water. It’s awful. If you want to start your day off on the right foot, you need a soothing and refreshing shower that delivers strong pressure, consistent temperature, and an adjustable spray setting for a full body clean. Only a high-pressure shower head will give you a great shower each and every time.  

Improves the Therapeutic Experience

Your shower can also be used to create a real spa-like experience each and every day. You can enjoy a calming tropical rain shower, massaging spray, or even bubbling effects with the right shower head.

If you’re ready to upgrade and improve your bathroom fixtures, contact us at Faucet Fix. We offer a number of high-grade showerhead models so you can save big on your bills and have an enjoyable shower each and every day. When you’re ready to improve your shower experience, or when it’s time to replace your old run-down fixtures, think Faucet Fix.

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