Shopping for a New Kitchen Faucet

Even though a lot of people think there are many more important design decisions to make when renovating or remodeling your kitchen, few things matter more than the kitchen faucet. Don’t believe us? The truth of the matter is your new kitchen faucet is going to play a pivotal role in not only how your kitchen looks, but also how comfortable it is to cook in. Don’t just choose the first faucet you see. Consider style, function, and price, and you’ll decide on a kitchen faucet that is picture-perfect.

We’ve put together a couple of tips for you to take advantage of so that you shop for the best new kitchen faucet for your specific needs.

How are you going to use your sink and your new faucet?

The very first thing that you’re going to want to think about, well before you even start to look at new kitchen faucet options, is how you intend to use your sink and your new faucet in the first place.

Some people are only going to want to use their faucet to rinse dishes and their hands, while others are going to want to make sure that it has all kinds of attachments, hoses, and temperature settings to do a lot more than that. If you cook with messy ingredients of have kids with sticky hands, for example, a hands-free faucet might work.

Make sure that your new faucet is up to the tasks that you’re going to throw at it!

How much clearance are you going to need?

Again, some kitchen faucets can be relatively low in the sink while others are going to want to be perched high above for extra clearance space – but you’ll only be able to know which one suits your needs by determining how you’re going to use them as we mentioned above.

It’s always better to have a little bit more clearance than not enough, so try to get one that offers a little bit of extra flexibility if you can.

How do you hope to mount your new kitchen faucet?

There are really two different ways to mount your new kitchen faucet, using a deck mounting solution and a wall mounting solution.

Deck amounts essentially have your new kitchen faucet coming right out of the countertop or the sink itself, while wall mounts (surprise, surprise) have the faucet coming out of the wall. Utility and overall design of your new faucet are both going to play a major part in which one you decide to go with.

Give Faucet Fix a call and we’d be happy to walk you through the different options for kitchen faucets and narrow down the best fit for you. Then we’ll install it and make sure everything is in perfect shape. We are Ottawa’s residential plumbing experts, and we service and install all major brands.


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