Say Goodbye to Limescale Buildup

Say Goodbye to Limescale Buildup

Are you beginning to notice white or green chalky residue along your faucets and other plumbing fixtures? That’s limescale buildup. This residue can be stubborn to scrub away, clogging up your fixtures and making your rainfall showerhead feel more like a trickle. So what do you do to get rid of it? Here’s how to say goodbye to limescale buildup.


What Causes Limescale Buildup?

Limescale buildup is a natural byproduct of hard water. Hard water is perfectly safe to drink and use, but it has a higher concentration of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron.

As these minerals accumulate they can end up clogging showerheads, faucets and leaving that unappealing white residue on the surface of plumbing fixtures.


What’s The Best Way To Get Rid of Limescale?

If you’re scrubbing away with regular cleaner and wondering why it’s not doing much good, the reason is because the mineral residue is very resilient and stubborn to remove. To effectively get rid of it, you need to use a mild acidic solution to dissolve it.


One of the best items to use for this is regular vinegar.

The acidic content is usually extremely effective at eliminating buildup, without having to use toxic chemicals. The best method is to soak the fixtures when possible, such as your showerhead. Having the ability to remove them is very helpful for the vinegar removal method. Then, using a good scrubbing brush, give them a vigorous clean to loosen and dissolve the remaining residue.

For fixtures that can’t be removed and soaked, try soaking an old cloth in vinegar and wrapping it securely around the fixture, or find another creative way to allow that vinegar to soak in.


When Vinegar Isn’t Enough

Sometimes, if the limescale buildup is really resilient, you may need to opt for a designated chemical cleaning solution. You can find these at your local hardware or home supply store. Just be sure to select a product that can tackle calcium, lime and rust. Also, it’s important to take note that these products can potentially contain some harsh ingredients, so be extra cautious when using them by avoiding exposure to your skin.


How Can I Prevent This?

The most effective way to avoid dealing with this hassle again is by considering having a water softening system installed to eliminate the large amount of mineral content in your water.

For any faucet replacements or advice about water softening systems, contact us at Faucet Fix. We’re here to help!

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