A Quick Guide to a Plumbing Emergency

A Quick Guide to a Plumbing Emergency

Let’s be honest – there’s no good time to have a plumbing emergency. It doesn’t matter if you’re enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon at home or hosting the in-laws over the holidays, a home plumbing emergency is a disaster. Fortunately, by being prepared in advance you can limit the damage and keep your home safe and sound.

Knowledge is key and you need to be prepared with the solutions in mind. For example, if your toilet starts overflowing you know exactly what to do – stem the tide – and who to call – Faucet Fix, of course.

Dealing with a Home Plumbing Emergency

If a plumbing emergency like a clogged drain, overflowing toilet, or burst pipe happens in your home, here are some things you can do before the plumber gets there:

Shut Off the Water

Before you worry about anything else, cut off water access to the fixture immediately. If the problem is more significant, like a burst pipe or frozen pipes, you’ll want to shut off your home’s main water valve.

Call Faucet Fix

Sometimes it can be hard to tell what’s a quick fix and what’s a looming disaster. That’s why your best bet is to call a plumbing company in Ottawa like Faucet Fix to get there right away and return your home to normal. The problem with calling a random plumber from the phone book, or your Uncle Joey’s best friend’s cousin’s plumber, is you know you don’t even know if they will show up. It’s not worth the risk.

Clean Up What You Can

Don’t let the water sit while you wait for the plumber. Clean up the water as much as you can before it starts leaking or seeping into other parts of the house. If any electronic appliances have come in contact with the water, unplug them and wipe them dry and move them away from the wet area. In fact, it is wise to move all the furniture away to minimize damage.

Preventative Steps

Ask the plumber to tell you ways of protecting such disasters in the future and make replacements (of pipes, valves or faucets) as necessary.

If you want the best results a plumbing service can provide, then ensure that you contact a professional plumbing service. You want a company that has dealt with plumbing emergencies in the past with skills and expertise and their experience needs to speak for itself.

Also, a professional company will get to the problem faster and get the job done right in the first attempt. Before you pull out your toolbox and be the plumber yourself, consider all the options.

For all your plumbing needs in the Ottawa area, Faucet Fix is here to help!

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