Our Products

By selecting one of Faucet Fix’s reliable and thoroughly tested products for use in your own home, you’re investing in premium quality and highly durable plumbing fixtures from reputable brands. Featuring long-lasting products from companies such as Delta, MOEN, American Standard, Waltec, Gerber Viper, and Woodford, we have a wide assortment of plumbing fixtures perfect for any kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor plumbing setups.

Outdoor Plumbing Products

Ottawa is home to dramatic seasonal weather and temperatures, and having the right outdoor plumbing products installed is crucial in order to protect your property year-round. That’s why we’re proud to offer Woodford frost-free anti-syphon replacement outdoor hydrants, one variation of which comes complete with an inside valve. Including (among other features) a patented resetting pressure relief valve (PRV) that defends against ruptures stemming from freezing, these hydrants are ideal for residences in the National Capital Region’s ever-changing environment.

Kitchen Sink Faucets

In one of the busiest rooms of your home, it’s essential to have reliable and fully functioning plumbing products installed. Regardless if for filling a kettle or combating leftover dishes from a massive party, our selection of stainless steel and chrome faucets from various brands are durable and efficient additions to your kitchen plumbing setup. Available in striking contemporary or classic designs and featuring extras such as side sprayers and rotating spouts, our selection of kitchen sink faucets and plumbing products are perfect for any home.

Bathroom Plumbing Products And Fixtures

The bathroom in any residence is a high-traffic area, and also where you need the most efficient and reliable plumbing fixtures and products. We offer high-scoring sinks, toilets, valves, and faucets from leading industry brands that are synonymous with quality and durability. From face mount tub and shower faucet combos to oval counter-top vanity sinks and water-conserving dual-flush toilets, Faucet Fix has a variety of useful and effective bathroom plumbing products that are ideal for all households.

Unparalleled Product And Service Protection

By choosing Faucet Fix, you’re protecting any investment more than possible with our competitors. We honour any manufacturer parts and/or finish warranties on each of the products we sell, and will also include our own two-year installation warranty for extra peace of mind. Browsing our catalogue will present a bevy of equally worthwhile options to choose from, and when combined with our years of experience in installing and fitting plumbing products, you’ll see the true value of these items.

Opting for one of our available products allows for you to enhance your home’s overall plumbing efficiency and reliability through the implementation of modern and top-rated items. Contact us today to arrange for an installation that works for you, and we’ll provide an up-front cost for any services required without traveling, call-out, or dispatch-related fees.

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