Preparing Your Drains for the Freezing Cold

Preparing Your Drains for the Freezing Cold

One of the most important winterizing tasks to perform each and every year is to prepare your drains for the winter weather. Starting early before the first snowfall arrives will help ensure that you catch any problems while the conditions are still favourable. Skipping out on your drain maintenance however, can lead to escalating problems and costly repairs. Instead, follow these tips on how to better prepare and winterize your drains.

Get An Inspection

First things first, you should get your drains inspected every year before the temperatures drop. A professional plumber can help identify any problems with your drains that could otherwise lead to costly repairs down the road.

Clean Out Debris

Due to the frigid weather, people tend to stay inside more and cook. Accumulated materials in the sink drains, such as food particles and oil, can cause clogs to form in the pipes. And if the water can’t flow freely, the pipes will freeze, causing cracking and eruptions to occur. To avoid this from happening you need to perform a drainage system cleaning before the wintertime. Just be careful if you decide to do it yourself, as many of the store-bought chemicals can realistically cause more damage than good to your drains. Consider calling a professional who can assist you in cleaning out your drains and deal with any potential obstructions before the winter chill arrives.

Flush With Baking Soda And Vinegar

To prepare your drains for the freezing cold weather, you should also flush your drains with a mixture of a half-cup of both baking soda and vinegar and some hot water. This will create a foam that has enough force to remove debris and kill any bacteria, mold, and odors that may have accumulated over the summer months.

Install Drain Protection

You can easily prevent future build up by purchasing a drain protector for your sinks and showers. The plastic protectors allow water to flow freely but will keep your drains guarded against any debris, hair, or other materials that can cause blockages.

Use Boiling Water Weekly

Additionally, performing weekly drain maintenance is also necessary. Simply pour a kettle of boiling water down your drains each week. Start by pouring half a kettle’s worth slowly, then wait five minutes and pour the rest down the drains. The hot water will instantly eliminate any build up of fats and oils. If you’d prefer to leave it to the pros for preparing your drains for the freezing cold, we can help.

At Faucet Fix, we offer drain repairs and plumbing services to ensure your drainage system and pipes are in good shape and can handle the winter. Call us today!

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