Plumbing Tips for the Dog Days of Summer

It is hot out there, and that means you need to have access to water at all times. Properly installed plumbing can make a world of difference during the dog days of summer. It’s easy to take for granted the presence of a good water system – that is, until you notice a problem. By then, it could be too late. Instead of waiting for disaster to strike, get to know a few summer plumbing tips and save yourself a heat stroke.

Water Your Garden with Wisdom

There comes a few times every summer when your parched garden needs a little attention. This calls on good water access and responsible use, or else it could be the perfect storm for plumbing problems. When watering your precious plants, be sure not to tug too hard on the hose or else it could tear. While that might not seem like a big deal, it can create an expensive leak that wreaks havoc on your budget. On top of that, a torn hose can disengage from the source and spill water all over your property and cause significant flooding or damage.

Turn Off Water Meters during Vacation

Every summer is an invitation for vacation, and that can be pretty expensive in and of itself. Why would you want to increase the amount of money you spend by allowing your water meter to keep ticking while you are away? It may be somewhat difficult to pull off in some homes, but turning off the water meters in your house can save you a lot of money and prevent disaster from striking while you’re out relaxing on the beach.  Most gas water heaters even have a “vacation” or “pilot” mode for this very occasion, but electric heaters must be turned off manually.

Party in the Pool Responsibly

If you have a pool, summer is the perfect time to enjoy it. However, swimming pools can be huge plumbing headaches if they are not cared for properly. Be sure that your filtration system in installed and working, and also double check the vacuum while you’re at it. A pool that is without adequate plumbing can backup, spill over, become inaccessible, and ultimately cost you a boat load of money. Swimming pools are meant to be used to induce relaxation not headaches, so make sure yours has proper plumbing or you will be sorry before the season ends.

For more plumbing tips for the summer and all year-round, contact Faucet Fix today.

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