Make Your Small Bathroom Beautiful

Make Your Small Bathroom Beautiful

Just because your guest bathroom or powder room is limited in space doesn’t mean it has to lack on style and décor. Small spaces offer a unique challenge for getting creative by thinking outside of the box a little. But thanks to the many modern designs that cater to just about any space, you can find great additions that can help transform your bathroom while optimizing your space.

Vanity or No Vanity, That is the Question

The most crucial part of your small bathroom design is determining whether or not a vanity will add or subtract to the space. Sometimes it can be the perfect addition to provide storage and sink, all-in-one, and other times, well, there simply isn’t enough floor space.

But the good news is that there are so many different options available that if you do end up going with a pedestal sink, you can place a separate shelving unit beneath or around it to carry your towels and other toiletries. Ask your Ottawa plumber for a recommendation on a sink and faucet that will look beautiful while maximizing space and functionality.

Use the Illusion of Mirrors

In small spaces, bigger mirrors can be a great addition for creating the illusion of more space, and reflecting more light to brighten it up. So whether you decide to go with one focal mirror over the sink, and some additional ones as well on the adjacent walls, use the illusion of mirrors to your advantage.

Install Floating Shelves

Take advantage of that wall space above the toilet and or any wall where it could be a handy spot for storing items. Since they’re a stand-alone design, they look simple, clean and won’t consume a large portion of space.

Decorative Baskets for Storage

If you want to keep most of your toiletries contained and out of immediate sight, you can pick up some decorative baskets that will fit on your floating shelves or on the shelving until under the sink. That way you can have somewhere to store away all of those random bathroom items, while keeping them out of sight so the bathroom doesn’t look cluttered and messy.

Personalize the Design with Simple Accessories

To add some of your personality and flare to your space, you can easily do this by adding in colourful or pattern textiles, such as your towels, rugs, and even light sconces above the sink.

Don’t let the size of your small bathroom hold you back from making it look great. All you have to do is get a little more creative with your features while optimizing the space. Clean and organized are what will make it appear bigger. And adding some personal flair to it can give it that extra touch of design to make your bathroom look beautiful.

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