Why We Love Delta Faucets

Why We Love Delta Faucets

If you’re in search of new faucets for your any area of your home, consider one of the leading names in the industry – Delta. Together, they combine inspirational design, style and environmental consciousness to give you a product that excels above the rest.

Read on to learn more about why we love Delta and why you will too!

Inspirational Design for the Future

Whether it’s kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, or any faucet for your home, Delta incorporates exceptional innovation throughout each product they design. They are the inspirational faucets of the future that anticipate the needs of homeowners. This is evident in one of the latest products with Touch20 Technology, featuring integrated touch systems that turn on with any simple contact. They also provide designer showerheads and toilets as well.

Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Whether you’re looking to redesign your kitchen space, or simply looking to enhance your current design to one that incorporates sustainability and efficiency, Delta can provide just that.

The Delta Faucet Company was one of the founding members of the Hospitality Sustainability Purchasing Consortium. This is a web-based, industry-wide purchasing database that comprehensively researches, measures, and reports on the corporate social responsibility, environmental and product sustainability of performance for suppliers.

Each of the Delta faucet designs are certified WaterSense faucets. Whether Faucet, showerheads or toilets, each abide by the WaterSense program standards, which is a U.S Environmental Protection Agency that aims to protect and conserve our water supply.

Designs today must consider the effects on future generations. And that’s why Delta products featuring the WaterSense label ensure that your product meets the EPA’s water conservation guidelines.

Efficiency with Maximum Performance

Just because these designs incorporate water conservation, doesn’t mean they lack on performance in any way. Aside from saving you money each month on your bills, and helping our water, they provide maximum performance. Each product is placed through a punishing regimen of durability testing and they stand firmly beside each warranty.

When it’s time to decide on new faucets for your home, look no further than Delta. They set the standard when it comes to inspirational design that incorporates the elements that we want and need for the future. You can have the stunning design, maximum performance, and water conservation all-in-one.

Faucet Fix is proud to supply, install, and repair Delta toilets, sink faucets, bath/shower faucets, shower heads, and bidet and specialty fixtures. Parts are always in stock on our truck! Call 613-563-4298 today to learn more!

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