Let’s Talk about Hard Water

Let’s Talk about Hard Water

Do you ever feel as though after you take a shower, your hair and skin feel sort of rough instead of soft and silky? That’s most likely a sign that you’ve got hard water. Unfortunately, the majority of household water is hard. But what exactly does that mean, and can it be harmful to your health? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Hard Water?

Water that is described as “hard water” refers to the excessive amount of minerals within it. These minerals include calcium, metal ions, magnesium, sulphates, as well as some others. These minerals are present in all water and are what support life here on earth. Therefore, having these present within water is essential. But the levels of them determine whether water is hard or soft.

Hard water also can leave a residue of limestone and can be seen over time on faucets and also throughout plumbing systems.

Is it Harmful?

Hard water can be harmful for your plumbing. This is due to the deposits of minerals and limestone that can cause blockages in plumbing systems, as well as along faucets and drains. But when it comes to your personal health, there is nothing to worry about.

Are There Ways to Treat Hard Water?

You can find products in your local household store that claim to help minimize the effects of hard water, but many have proven to be ineffective. And ones that do work, often target only the effects and not the abundance of minerals that’s present in your water.

Luckily, water softeners were designed to not only eliminate the effects of hard water, but target the source as well. These small electrical appliances can be easily installed in your home and neutralize those high levels of minerals that are present in your water. With this simple adjustment to your water supply, you can finally enjoy the beauty of soft water that can save your skin and your plumbing from all of that build up and roughness. A water softener system will stop stains, mineral buildup, and even spotting on your dishes. Best of all it helps your whole plumbing system operate more efficiently, saving you money in the short-term on your water bills and long-term in repair and replacement costs by extending the life of your plumbing system.

So if you’re sick of dealing with a build up of deposits from minerals and limestone around your faucets, or hate having your hair and skin feel rough each time you take a shower, give us a call. We can eliminate your hard water problem and install a water softener in no time that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of softer water.

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