Is That Leaky Tap Driving You Crazy? Here’s Your Faucet Fix

Is That Leaky Tap Driving You Crazy? Here’s Your Faucet Fix

Don’t let the sound of a leaky tap drive you crazy! If that constant drip has been irritating you for an extended period of time, it could also be costing you money. Getting those taps fixed should become your number one priority. If you notice a leak, try these following steps as your first line of action.

Identify the leak

If you suspect a leak, you should first attempt to find out if there’s actually a leak happening and where. You can use your water meter to look for any hidden leaks in your home. Take a reading at night before you go to bed and then avoid using any water overnight. As soon as you awake, check the meter. If the reading has changed you will know there’s a leak happening. Then check for areas that have water buildup, especially underneath the sink or around piping.

Turn off the water

As soon as you determine that there’s indeed a leak, you should immediately shut off the water. You can find the valve underneath the sink that will allow you to turn the handle to the off position. You can also shut off the water supply to your home if you need to, there will be a main water valve located in your home.

Mop up the water

As soon as you isolate the leak and turn off the valve you will want to make sure to mop up any excess water that has occurred. Leaving any residue water can lead to mold and mildew, and even cause structural damage if it seeps into softer surfaces.

Notify an expert

Once the water is turned off and cleaned up, you should contact a plumber immediately. They will be able to come and assess the real cause of the leak. Many plumbing companies carry all the supplies and tools needed, so if it’s an easy parts replacement, your plumbing may be back to normal in as little as an hour. Try to avoid tampering with your plumbing in an attempt to located or fix the leak. Plumbing can be a very intricate system, and it’s one that should always be left to the professionals.
Leaks are a reality that we can’t always avoid. If you have a leaky faucet, don’t let it drive you crazy before calling the plumber. Knowing what to do will help you prevent any damage to your home and get your faucet back on tap.

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