Is There Mold in Your Faucet?

Is There Mold in Your Faucet?


Your tap water should produce crystal clear water that tastes and smells good. But if you’re noticing a strange colour, odour, or taste with your tap water then you may have a problem with faucet mold. Mold can be detrimental to your health and cause allergic reactions, so it’s important to address it right away. Here we outline how you can get rid of mold in your faucet and taps to ensure that the water you’re drinking is safe. 


Mold Around the Faucet

If you’re experiencing mold growth around the faucet you can use a bleach solution to remove the mold. Bleach is an effective method of removing mold growth by killing the spores right on contact. Once you have identified the affected area, make sure to use the bleach to clean your faucet head and handles every day for a week or until there are no other signs of growth.


Mold in the Faucet

Black mold grows in moist areas and is a sign of water damage. Search for any potential leaks in your kitchen sink and address the problem. Tighten the fixture and caulk around the base to fix the leak and to stop any water drips. If the problem persists, you may have a rusted faucet, which will need to be replaced altogether.


Don’t Forget the Aerator

Take a look at the aerator, found at the top of the faucet, to see if there is mold growth there as well. You can clean it with bleach to remove the mold or you may want to replace it if there are signs of rust forming.


Call a Professional Plumber

Identifying mold growth inside your faucet features can indicate bigger problems with your plumbing system. Call a professional plumber at the signs of mold – they can inspect your faucet and pipes to ensure the mold is isolated. They can also address any larger issues and replace faucets, aerators, and piping that may be affected.

Don’t ignore the signs of mold growth in or around your faucets. Having mold growth in your kitchen or bathroom can lead to much larger problems in the future if not addressed immediately. At the first signs of mold, call Faucet Fix – Ottawa’s most trusted plumbing service. We can help you identify the problem and remove the mold so you can feel confident about the water quality that’s traveling through your faucets at home.

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