How To Prevent a Clogged Toilet

Imagine this: you’re hosting a holiday party at your home with all your family, friends, and even your new boss. Your home is decked to the nines, the food is divine, the drinks are aplenty, and the holiday music is cranked. One of your guests says they need to use the facilities and in that luxurious bathroom of yours is a clogged toilet. How embarrassing would that be?

Not only are clogged toilets a source of great inconvenience and embarrassment, they can cause significant water damage and require intense repairs or may need to be replaced altogether. The friendly team at Faucet Fix are happy to help with all toilet repair and replacement needs in the Ottawa area, but wouldn’t you like to avoid the problem in the first place? We know this is a tricky subject that people don’t like to talk about, but bear with us.

Preventing a toilet clog is easy if you stick to one simple rule. Only two things are allowed down the toilet: human waste and toilet paper (not the whole roll!). Anything else, and you’re asking for trouble. At the same time, even those two “flushable” substances can clog the toilet.

What Not to Flush

When you are done doing your business or in a hurry, naturally you don’t consider what you are flushing but that is the number one mistake people make. Flushing napkins, diapers, feminine hygiene products, tissues, Q-tips, condoms, wrappers, and any other items is strictly forbidden. These items will get caught in the drain pipe and cause a clog that can’t be fixed with a plunger.

Kids Will Be Kids

Kids are curious, and you’d be surprised at the sort of things we’ve discovered that had been flushed down the toilet. Crayons, toys, coins, playing cards, even Daddy’s iPhone. Older kids can be taught about the reasons why it’s important to keep objects away from the toilet. For younger children, you can invest in safety locks that keep the toilet lid from being opened.

Beware the Storage Shelf

If you have a storage shelf above your toilet, or use the back of your toilet to store little decorative knick-knacks, be aware with a small jostle you could accidentally knock the items into the toilet. If possible, try not to store small objects (soap, deodorant, knick knacks) around the toilet area.

These small steps don’t take much effort, but they can save you from a nasty overflowing toilet situation. Of course, things can still go wrong – and that’s when it’s time to call the friendly team at Faucet Fix. Our plumbers are here to help with all your toilet repair and replacement needs in Ottawa and the surrounding area.

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