How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

If you’re struggling to figure out how to maximize your smaller bathroom space, there are plenty of tricks to make the most of it. Working with limited floor space and storage means you need to be efficient with your layout. And this means everything should be neatly tucked away, so your bathroom doesn’t end up looking cluttered and messy. Learn how to maximize space in a small bathroom with these simple tricks below.

Stick With Soft Neutral Colours

When deciding what colour to paint on the walls, it’s always best to avoid any bold or dark colours. Soft, neutral tones work best since they make the bathroom look brighter and create the illusion of more space. Darker tones can make your bathroom feel dark, cramped and confined.

Use Clear Glass

Glass is an excellent material to utilize in more confined spaces. It reflects light, and it makes the room appear more open and airy. Consider installing a glass enclosure or partition for your shower instead of a shower curtain.

Keep Floor Space Clear

Keeping floor space open and clear is also an effective strategy that you can use to make the space appear larger. So if you have an old, clunky vanity, swap it out for a mounted one or a pedestal sink instead.  If you keep a lot of your toiletries or products on the floor, look into shelving solutions.

Get Creative With Lighting

Another great trick to remember when trying to maximize space in a small bathroom is getting creative with your lighting. Smaller spaces usually have limited natural light, if any. And a single light sconce can make the ceiling appear shorter. Indirect lighting on the other hand, like pot lights, can add more light without being too overpowering or harsh.

Use Vertical Storage

When working with smaller spaces, it’s essential to keep any clutter to a minimum. Installing vertical shelves can keep your bathroom essentials neatly tucked away above your plain of sight. There are so many cute ideas for bathroom storage solutions that you can even make yours themed!

Keep Surfaces Clear

When it comes to any tighter spaces in your home, less is always more. Keep only the essentials on hand, while focusing on keeping your vanity or other surfaces clear with no more than one or two items in view. The rest can be kept in a basket either under the sink or up on a shelf out of the way or even behind a dual-purpose mirror.
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