Does Your Home Have Hard Water

Does Your Home Have Hard Water

For many homeowners, the term “hard water” is something that’s vaguely familiar, but what it really means is often unclear.  Hard water refers to water that contains a high mineral count. This occurs when water percolates through limestone and eventually carries along calcium, magnesium, and other minerals within it. These minerals are actually good for you, but the sediments in hard water can carry along bacteria as well, which can be harmful. Additionally, this can become a hassle when it comes to your plumbing fixtures.

So, does your home have hard water? Here are some potential problems that can identify hard water, and what you can do to fix it.


The Water Tastes Funny or Smells Funny

Notice a funky smell or taste to your water? This is generally one of the first clues for identifying hard water. Different tastes and smells can highlight what sorts of sediments are dominant. For example, a metallic taste usually points to high iron levels, whereas a rotten egg type of odour usually means there’s hydrogen sulfide gas or sulfates from bacteria that are present. Old pipes and algae often play a role in these occurrences.


You Notice Stains Left From the Water

Water stains that develop in porcelain fixtures, like the sink or toilet, which appear as a rust-like colour can also be blamed on hard water. Sometimes this rust-like colour can in fact be stemming from a combination of too much iron and old pipes. These stains can be a major pain to remove and will require some serious elbow grease to erase. The bad news is that even if you do remove them, they’re likely to keep reappearing unless the root of the problem is fixed.


Pipes Keep Clogging

Ever notice how your showerhead begins to trickle unevenly over time? You can thank your hard water for that, too. The minerals and sediments in the water can contribute to major plumbing issues, including clogged fixtures and pipes. Mineral deposits can build up and form like a plaque inside plumbing, which can limit and obstruct the flow of water. Over time, this can result in backed up drains and pipes, requiring some extensive repairs.


Skin Irritations are Emerging

If you or your family start to develop issues with your skin, it could have resulted from the soap scum that hard water may cause. This, in combination with mineral deposits on the skin, can dry it out, leaving it itchy, red, and irritated. Identifying

hard water is important since it can have direct impacts for both you and your family, including issues with eczema.


Installing A Water Softener Can Help

The only solution that will eliminate your hard water issues for good is installing a water softener in your home. A water softener is a worthy investment that will eliminate the build-up of minerals from your water, saving you from the expense and headache of having to deal with recurring problems.
When you’re ready to make the switch, or if you’re simply in need of a repair for your plumbing system and fixtures, Faucet Fix can help. Contact us today!

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