Five Tips to Preventing Plumbing Problems

We have been over common plumbing issues in the kitchen and bath and how to prevent them, but what about the rest of the house? There are a number of other areas in the home where plumbing problems can arise. Here are five tips to avoid these problems.

  1. Water Heaters. Water heaters generally have a long life expectancy, but as they age they run the potential risk of leaking or bursting. To avoid this potential flood risk, check your hot water tank regularly for potential leaks at the fittings and for rust that could weaken the strength of the tank. If you do spot a problem, call us at Faucet Fix for an appointment and we will give your tank an inspection and make the appropriate repairs or advise you to consider purchasing a new tank we would be happily willing to install.
  2. Aging Pipes. Depending on how old your home is, you should inspect your pipes for any leaks. If the pipes were made of bygone materials, the pipes may be susceptible to clogging or leaking. If the pipe are made of steel, rust inside the piping can cause clogging and potentially lead to a burst or poor flow rate. Terracotta pipes can be damaged by invasive roots by surrounding trees and cause leaks to occur. The best way to avoid any plumbing issues from aging pipes is to have them inspected by a plumber or get them replaced by newer piping.
  3. Know Where the Main Shutoff Valve is. Although there are likely many valves throughout your home, it only takes one to be able to shut them all off. This main water shutoff valve is typically located in the basement of your home near the road/street you live on. Find the location of the main water shutoff valve and make sure it works. Ensure the valve is labeled and easily identifiable by your family members so that in the event of a potential pipe burst emergency, they know how and where to shut the water valve off.
  4. Laundry Machine Hoses. One plumbing problem that can arise is from the weak rubber lines that run to your washing machine. These lines can become dry and cracked, potentially causing a leak. It is important to routinely check these lines to make sure they remain in good condition. When leaving the home for extended periods of time, it is recommended to shut off the water going to these hoses to stop water from running to these typically weaker lines.
  5. Outdoor Faucets. Outdoor taps have a way of leaking without catching the attention of the homeowner. It is important that you make a point to check these taps for leaks that could potentially escalate and get any repairs made to these taps by contacting your local plumber. It is also important to drain these lines out before winter arrives to prevent pipe freezing. By loosening the cap on the side of an outdoor tap, you will be able to drain the lines of any remaining water in preparation for winter.

These tips reviewed on a routine basis will help to avoid any plumbing-related problems from occurring however in the event something were to go wrong the friendly and professional team at Faucet Fix can solve it all with great service and affordable prices.

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