Most Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

Most Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

Are you getting the most energy savings for your home? You can save money by reducing your water usage by simply switching to high-efficiency plumbing fixtures in your home. By cutting back on the amount of water you waste, you, in turn, conserve energy that is used to treat, deliver and heat the water. Reduced energy usage results in cost savings, as well as reduced greenhouse gas emissions, helping to make our world a better place. So, if your plumbing fixtures aren’t up to snuff, it may be time to replace them – check out our top 3 most efficient plumbing fixtures on the market today.

Low-Flow Toilets

Your toilet is the number 1 water consumer in your home. Older toilets can use anywhere from 2 to 7 gallons of water for every flush. Just by switching to a high-efficiency low-flush model you can dramatically reduce the amount of water being used.

When looking for a new model, consider a Dual Flush toilet that uses two different buttons for liquids or solids to reduce the amount of water used and energy required. Look for brands like The American Standard H2Option White Dual Flush Right Height Elongated Bowl with Aquaguard Liner, which is one of the highest rated dual flush models on the market. Offering symphonic flushing action and Aquaguard tank liner, it can improve not just the efficiency of your bathroom, but also the aesthetics too.

High-Efficiency Faucets

Faucets also waste a lot of water, especially older models that are prone to leaks. What you need is a reliable, durable, and modern high-efficiency faucet with a lower flow rate and flow restrictor. When purchasing a new energy-efficient model consider the Delta 335 – Chrome Single Lever with Spray to provide you with improved water efficiency and reduced risk of leaks.

Universal Showerheads

Your bathroom is a high-traffic area, and another major water consumer is your showerhead. You need the most efficient and reliable shower fixtures and products from leading brands to get the most in water savings without sacrificing water pressure. The Delta 13420 Classic Monitor Trim Kit and Universal Valve will ensure you get the right temperature and best pressure each time. Energy-efficient with WaterSense certification promotes water conservation. The monitor pressure balance valve also will ensure you get a safe temperature by protecting you from sudden temperature fluctuations.

When your plumbing fixtures are pouring not just water – but your money down the drain, it’s time to replace them. Switching to high-efficiency plumbing fixtures will immediately improve your cash flow and also help the environment. So, when looking for the best in plumbing fixtures, look no further than Faucet Fix – we have the brands and models designed to improve the plumbing efficiency in your home.

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