How to Deal with Overflowing Fixtures

How to Deal with Overflowing Fixtures

No matter what type of fixtures you may have, there is always a risk for burst pipes, leaky faucets, and overflowing toilets. And when it does happen, it will never be a convenient time or something that anyone wants to deal with. But the reality is, it does happen and does need to be addressed. So the next time your faucet springs a leak or your toilet starts to overflow, here are a few handy ways to help you deal with it.

Turn Off the Water

Whether it’s your toilet or simply your faucet springing a leak, the first thing you need to do is shut off the water. Look for a valve generally located behind the toilet or under the sink and turn it clockwise to turn it off. Once you’ve shut off the water you can then regroup, assess the damage and move on to the next step. For some toilets, you may need to lift the back tank cover and lift up the float ball to stop the toilet from running.

Plug the holes

If it’s your bathroom sink, kitchen sink or bathtub, you will need to plug the drain holes and excess flow holes for the sinks. Simply grab a rag and stuff it in nice and tight. If it doesn’t work, try using a strong-grade duct tape.

Take the Plunge

Once you’ve got all the holes covered, you’re going to need to use your plunger to unclog whatever is causing your overflow. Take the plunge and press it into either the toilet, sink or bathtub and lift up slightly. Repeat this until you notice the water beginning to drain.

At this point, you want to avoid using any drainage cleaner. They contain harsh chemicals that can end up doing more damage to your pipes in the long run. Our Ottawa plumbers recommend BIO-CLEAN, an all-natural treatment to remove waste buildup in drains, toilets, garbage disposal, septic tanks, and more.

Call a Plumber

If after all your efforts have failed to unclog the pipes and fixtures, it’s best to call Ottawa plumbers like Faucet Fix. You could be dealing with something more severe than a slight blockage. We will have the necessary tools to relieve the blocked pipes or assess what is causing the issue. There are many plumbers who work after business hours, so if it’s an emergency, you should be able to find a 24-hour service.

Overflowing fixtures can be a major hassle. Unfortunately, it’s something that sometimes, is simply unavoidable. So when that moments comes when you notice water slowly rising in you sink, toilet or tub, simply follow each of these steps and you’ll have the situation sorted in no time. Feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you with any plumbing problem you might be having.

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