Clogged Drain? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Once you become a homeowner, you know how costly household maintenance can become. You spend a little here and there upgrading fixtures, replacing the carpet in the basement, re-staining the back deck. This is an addition to big jobs like roof repair or home renovation. All of these upgrades improve the value of your home and make it a better place to live, but they add up in price.

With that in mind, everyone wants to save a little bit of money here and there. We take up the task of doing some small repairs ourselves and pull out the toolbox. Sometimes we fix it, sometimes we don’t and other times we make the problem worse than it started out. If you don’t know what you’re doing, your best bet is always to call the pros. If your drain is clogged, don’t head to Home Depot – just call Faucet Fix and we’ll save you a lot of time, money, and stress with plumbing issues.

Before you rush to solve a clogged drain problem yourself, read up the possible problems that could occur by using DIY tricks to unclog drains.

Garden Hose?

Unclogged a drain is as easy as using pressure to clear the blockage, right? We assume that running a garden hose will do the job. The pressure of the water from the garden hose must be able to clear out the blockage…but not without the risk of doing major damage to your pipes. Say no to such solutions that do not guarantee safe results.

Drain Augers?

Drain augers (also known as a sewer snake or plumbing snake) can usually do the trick for most blockages, but only if you know what you’re doing. An experienced plumber has dealt with hundreds of blockages and knows how to maneuver the auger just so to fix the problem. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you will damage the pipes and might not even clear the blockage.  Plus, drain augers don’t even work if the pipe is too wide. There’s a reason drain augers are often called plumbers’ snakes, not DIY snakes.

Chemical Drain Cleaner?

The clog could be anything from paper towel to some solid material that will not easily bulge or disintegrate in water. Chemical drain cleaners can’t dissolve these sorts of objects. They’re also bad for your pipes, bad for the environment, and dangerous to keep around your home.

DIY – Coat Hanger?

Watch a few YouTube videos, and you’ll probably see the cheap and easy trick of bending a coat hanger and using it like an auger to clear out the blockage. Did you ever stop to think the high risk of the hanger getting stuck down the drain and causing more damage than there originally was? Only professional tools designated specifically for the job should be used.

Homeowners should call a professional plumber in Ottawa to inspect the drains at least once per year. Small issues can be spotted early and fixed before they spiral into big problems. Dodge these problems by paying attention to the little things and everything will be better in the long run. If you do end up with a clogged drain, Faucet Fix is always here to help.

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