Best Types Of Vanities To Consider In 2019

Best Types Of Vanities To Consider In 2019

When it comes to remodelling a bathroom or kitchen, it is important to choose a durable vanity that will be able to handle the daily wear and tear of this space. You can make a bold statement by replacing or updating your vanity. With the various materials that bathroom vanities can be made of, the sink options and the add-ons, there is sure to be a perfect fit for your bathroom. Here are 5 of the best types of vanities to consider in 2019.

Shelf Vanity Standing 

The free-standing vanity sink is one of the most cost-effective and easy to install vanities. It is a great option to consider while remodelling as it does not take up much space and is very simple. It consists of a bottom shelving unit perfect for towels and storage for cleaning products. This vanity is usually mounted under or near a mirror. 

Wall Mounted/Floating

The wall mounted/floating vanity is a great addition if you are looking for a modern theme. As this vanity is mounted to the wall, it offers storage under the sinks as well as on the floor. This chic look should be used with caution as it may not be stable enough to handle excess force resulting in damage to the vanity. 


This vanity uses a rising bowl around the sink area and can often be found in hotel bathrooms or fancy restaurants. The rinsing bowl sticks out of the main body and has its own separate tap. If your budget can allow you to opt-in for this type of vanity, it is a great addition for compartmental space and offers a more upscale look. 

Vanity Cabinet

This vanity design offers a very traditional look and is commonly found in a kitchen. If your remodelling doesn’t consist of fancy or complicated design, the vanity cabinet is all you need. The pull-out doors are simple and can be a nice addition if you have limited bathroom space. 

Under-Mounted Sink 

This vanity adds a contemporary and refined look to any bathroom. The under-mounted sink has a basin incorporated directly in the vanity. This vanity requires a hard countertop like granite and marble, which can be costly but is a long-term investment that can certainly add value to your home. 

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