3 Benefits of a New Washing Machine

3 Benefits of a New Washing Machine

Unless you’re a repair technician, the chances are that many of us can’t always identify when our old appliances are costing us more than they should just to keep them running. And when it comes to your washing machine, even though many washers can last about a decade, the closer your machine gets to the end of that life expectancy, the more costly it can be to maintain and use. Once it does reach close to the lifespan, it’s recommended to begin your search for a newer model. The advantages of newer, energy efficient machines can save you much more time, energy and money in the long run.

Here are a few of the benefits that you’ll enjoy once you cut your losses and trade in your old machine for a new one.

Lower Energy and Water Usage

Older washing machine models tend to use up a significant amount of water in comparison to newer more advanced models today. If your washing machine is over eight years old, it will require more energy consumption and also more water usage during each cycle. Top-loaders with agitators use the most water. Newer makes today are energy efficient and only use the necessary amount of water for each size load, unlike the older counterparts. That equates to lower hydro bills and less water usage each time you need to throw on a load of laundry. For optimal water usage, look for a front-loading machine or high-efficiency (HE) top-loader.

Quieter Cycle

One of the most telltale signs that highlight when it’s time to replace your old washing machine is when the noise factor begins to make your machine sounds like it’s about to launch and take off with all of that excessive vibrating and clunking. With a newer model, there’s no need to crank up the volume on your TV show just so you can hear it over the washing machine. You’ll barely notice it’s on!

Faster Cycle

With the advancements made to modern washing machines today, your laundry can be cleaned in half the time of old, standard models. Tere’s no need to put your plans on hold in order to wait for the laundry to be done. You can throw on a load and have it done by the time you’re ready to head out the door.

When it’s been longer than you can remember since you purchased that old washing machine, take that as a sign to start your search for a new one. Even if there aren’t any glaring signs of malfunction, chances are that the combination of hydro usage, water consumption, and time wasted waiting for it to complete a cycle, are making it a very costly appliance to keep.

When it’s time to install you new washing machine, give us a call at Faucet Fix! We can send out one of our expert technicians to take care of the installation for you.

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