Bathtub vs. Shower Stall: Which to Choose?

Bathtub vs. Shower Stall: Which to Choose?

Are you renovating your bathroom? Stuck between the bathtub vs. shower stall debate? We know it can be a tough decision to make, but we’re here to help! Usually, the standard size of the bathroom can only accommodate one of the two. A bathtub lets you enjoy a long, soothing soak whenever you want, but a shower stall can let you utilize your space more efficiently. The truth is they both have advantages and disadvantages, but the best choice will really depend on your bathroom layout and which one you’ll ultimately use and enjoy the most. Here are some pros and cons to think about when making your decision.

The Pros

1. Bathtub – A bathtub can be more appropriate for certain lifestyles. For example, if you have a young family, it’s only practical when it’s time to bathe the kids. Beyond that, bathtubs have always been an effective and therapeutic way to unwind, melt the stress away, and spend some personal time relaxing, which can be very beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing.
2. Shower Stall – On the other hand, a shower stall is a very efficient way to make good use of your bathroom if you’re limited on floor space. A shower also lets you get right to the point when you need to get clean, ready and out the door quickly. Showers are also suitable for the elderly and persons with disabilities thanks to many safety features that can be included, such as shower seats and handlebars. It can also be equipped with luxurious, modernized features like air jets, steam options, and rain showers.

The Cons

1. Bathtub – As much as you may love the idea of soaking in the tub, it can take up a lot of space. Keep in mind that tubs generally consume more hot water, are difficult to clean, and can be difficult for elderly people to get in and out of.
2. Shower Stall – Having only a shower won’t make much sense when you have young kids to bathe. And since glass shower units are most popular today, they can also be a pain to keep clean. Plus, if you’re ever looking to sell, homebuyers generally prefer a bathroom with a shower and tub included.
When it comes down to the decision of bathtub vs shower stall, it all depends on the homeowner’s preference. Whatever your preference is, we can help! At Faucet Fix, our team of qualified, licensed plumbers can assist you from the design phase all the way to installation. Give us a call today to get started!

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