Avoid These Nightmare Plumber Situations

Plumbers provide a range of useful skills that can be challenging to learn. That is why even in our do-it-yourself home remodeling culture, plumbers are still considered worth the cost. When hiring a plumber, the average person assumes that the plumber is experienced and will be worth the cost. However, plumbers like any other professionals vary in their professionalism and skill. If you’re not careful, you may end up with a less then desirable plumber. With that in mind, below are some thing you can do to avoid these nightmare plumber situations.

The Plumber Who Does Not Show Up

One of the biggest problems you will have, especially if it is a plumbing emergency, is the plumber not showing up on time or even at all. Simply put, sometimes plumbers will not show up. Now, while we make it a point to respond quickly to emergencies for our customers, you should keep in mind that this is (unfortunately) not standard in the industry. You can get a sense for this early on by paying attention to inconsistent scheduling. If the plumber does not show up on time or keep to an agreed schedule, then they may have the dreaded “no show” mentality. If they don’t show up for a small installation job, how can you trust them for an emergency job that needs urgent attention? Either way, don’t take the chance.

Suspiciously Low Quotes

It is normal to shop around for quotes when hiring a plumber. While you will want a low quote, be suspicious of quotes that are too low. What we mean by this are quotes that are far below the rest of the pack. Typically, suspiciously low quotes will be combined with a lack of references. Remember, any person who has quotes that low can’t get business being competitive. Do yourself a favour and avoid them.

Leaves Their Work To Others

Is the person you are talking to over the phone also the person doing the work?  If not, then you might be in for some trouble. While it is normal for plumbers to have an apprentice, it is unusual for plumbers to send their apprentice or employee to a job without going themselves. Aside from a lack of experience and skill, you don’t want to end up paying far more than you expected because of a discontent between the estimate and the work.

Keeping these three things in mind will help you avoid these nightmare plumbers.  In addition, working on behalf of the customer and being a dependable, reliable, and professional service, Faucet Fix will never leave you in need. Through a reputation made through years of excellent jobs, let Faucet Fix help you with your next plumbing challenge.

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