Avoid These Emergency Plumbing Mistakes

The weather in the Ottawa area has been an absolute nightmare this winter. At one point this February, we had temperatures below -40°C with the wind chill, then a week later it is +5°C, sunny, and beautiful. Ottawa had a record single day snowfall on February 16, with more than 51 cm of snow. In addition to the havoc that this weather causes on our commutes, the reality of frozen pipes is (unfortunately) all too common. Most frozen pipes can be defrosted with a bit of time and patience, but if you end up with a burst pipe, the trouble is real. Add in clogged toilets, leaky drains, and other common plumbing problems, being a homeowner is not easy.

How do you address an emergency plumbing problem? Here are three problems we see all the time, so you can learn from others and avoid these emergency plumbing mistakes:

Problem #1 Do-It-Yourself

Unless your Curriculum Vitae lists a Certification of Qualification and you are an experienced tradesperson, don’t try to tackle an emergency plumbing on your own. And no, watching HGTV doesn’t count as experience. For one, you’re more likely to create a bigger problem if you don’t know what you’re doing. What starts as a simple fix on a leaky faucet or a toilet install can turn into thousands of dollars’ worth of water damage, mold/mildew growth if not addressed, not to mention you’re still going to have to pay the pros to come in and do it right. There is also the risk of injuring yourself or ruining the fixture beyond repair. DIY is great for some projects, but an emergency plumbing problem is not it.

Problem #2 Asking Friends

Just because you have a friend who is experienced in home repair or who installed the toilets in his own home doesn’t mean that he is suited to handle your plumbing issue. Unless your friend is a qualified plumber, you’re always best calling in the pros who specialize in plumbing emergencies and fixture installation for a living. Just like taking a DIY approach, your friend could end up making the problem worse, and no one wants to strain a friendship over a leaky pipe or busted toilet.

Problem #3 Ignoring the Problem

It usually always starts with a small leak or low water some other problem that is annoying but that you can manage living with. While this would be an easy fix, if you let the problem spiral out of control the cost to fix it will almost invariably be more. Be aware – check your faucets, toilets, showers, and pipes on a regular basis. If anything is amiss, call in the pros.

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