Save Water and Money

Water is our most essential resource, yet Canadians consume the 2nd highest amount of water in the world at 335 Litres (74 gallons) per person per day – second only to the United States.

On a household basis, showering and bathing consumes 35% of water – with an additional 30% of household water consumption literally flushed down the toilet.

Water use continues to increase – about twice as fast as the population – and many North American cities already limit household water use. Reducing household water use directly benefits the environment by:

Reducing demand on the natural water table
Reducing energy needed to treat, distribute and supply water
Reducing the need for new, upgraded or expanded water and wastewater facilities

If your home and its plumbing fixtures are 10 years old, you’re likely wasting a lot of water. Faucet Fix can help you save water, save money and save the environment.

The City of Ottawa’s WaterWise Program provides rebates of up to $75 off the replacement of an old toilet with a new, approved, high efficiency, low flush toilet. Follow the link to and search for “WaterWise” to explore the benefits of this important program.

Below is an estimate from the WaterWise Program based on a four (4) person home with an average of four (4) flushes per person per day:

Old single Flush 20 litre toilet = 116,800 litres of water per year
Old single Flush 13 litre toilet = 75,920 litres of water per year

New Single Flush 6 litre toilet = 35,040 litres of water per year
New Dual Flush 6 / 3 litre toilet = 25,930 litres of water per year

Many households can save an estimated 90,000 litres of water annually and more than $200 per year!

Faucet Fix stocks a range of the toilets approved by the WaterWise program – please see our Products section. We can guide you through the WaterWise rebate program including the application form; the required “before” and “after” installation photos; and the coordinates to apply for your rebate.

The City of Ottawa’s water rates will rise 30% to 2011 – so contact us and start saving now!

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