A Look at Our Toilets

A Look at Our Toilets

There’s no denying that toilets are an essential part of any home! And today with the advancements in design and function, you can have one that fits perfectly into your bathroom design while having the option between water and cost-efficient models. Let’s take a closer look at our toilets!

American Standard Cadet PRO Bone Regular

The Standard Cadet PRO Bone design is simple, sleek and elegant, with a matching seat and Aquaguard tank liner. This toilet is perfect for smaller designs and can fit in your new condo with ease thanks to the round bowl design. This toilet also includes siphon-action flushing, a generous 9” X 8” water surface area, a new wax seal, bolts, and stainless steel supply line, along with EverClean Surface, which protects the toilet from mould, mildew and overall deterioration.

American Standard Cadet PRO White Regular

The Standard Cadet PRO White offers a modern looking design with a round front bowl. It also includes matching seat and Aquaguard tank liner, siphon-action flushing, a practical size for tight spaces, EverClean Surface protection, and a water surface area of 9” X 8”

American Standard Cadet PRO White Right

With an elongated bowl and greater height, this toilet offers a more comfortable design for homeowners. Here, you also get your standard elements like EverClean protection, matching seat and Aquaguard tank liner, siphon-flushing, a 3” flush valve, and more!

American Standard Compact Cadet 3 One-Piece White Right

The Compact Cadet 3 One-Piece includes more advanced features like a slow-close toilet seat and also an elongated bowl. This one-piece designer model makes installation quick and easy with a size that fits in a ‘round front’ space. It also includes the same standard elements, such as siphon-flushing, new wax seal, and a stainless steel supply line.

American Standard H2Option White Dual Flush

Dual flush toilets are more popular than ever thanks to their ability to save on water consumption and those costly bills. And combined with siphon-flushing, you won’t have to flush twice! You can also enjoy a higher seat which makes it more comfortable and convenient to use.

At Faucet Fix, we have everything you need to replace and install a new toilet. Plus, each of our toilets comes with a two-year installation warranty. We also honour limited lifetime warranties! We stand proudly behind the services that we provide and have built our reputation on the knowledge, reliability, affordability, and trust that our customers know and have come to expect. So contact us today with any of your toilet or plumbing-related concerns.

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