6 Ways to Tell if You Have a Hard Water Problem

6 Ways to Tell if You Have a Hard Water Problem

Hard water is ordinary in many areas where tap water receives a higher than normal mineral count. This tends to occur in locations that have thick layers of limestone in the area. And those mineral deposits in the water can start to leave behind residue, cause odours, and it can make tap water unpleasant to drink. If you suspect you have it, here are a few ways to tell if you have a hard water problem.

Clogged Faucets

Over time, as the mineral deposits accumulate, they can cause blockages in your faucets. This includes your showerhead and sinks. If your shower or tap eventually begins to shoot out streams of water in different directions, it could indicate a build-up from hard water.

Scum and Residue

Do you notice a white soap scum sticking to almost everything lately? Although soap residue is not unusual, hard water can help it develop at a much faster pace. If you notice it on your tiles, shower curtain, and other surfaces more frequently, this could be an indication as well.

Dry Rough Skin

If your skin has been feeling dry since you moved into your new home, your water could also be to blame. Since soap scum thrives on surfaces with hard water, it can also do the same with your skin when showering, which can leave your skin feeling rough.

There’s a Weird Taste

Since hard water contains minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron, it can also impact the taste of the water. Although it doesn’t pose a risk to your health, the metallic or sour taste can be unpleasant for your taste buds.

Your Laundry Feels Stiff

Another way to tell if you have a hard water problem is by feeling your laundry. It can leave your clothing, towels and other items feeling scratchy and stiff since the detergent can’t rinse out as easily.

Your Appliances are Being Damaged

Hard water can be a particular nuisance for your appliances. The accumulation of mineral deposits can occur in anything that’s hooked up to your water line, including your refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, and also your hot water heater.

If you suspect that you have hard water, it could be doing damage to your plumbing and home without you even knowing. For expert water testing and the best water softening solutions, contact us today at Faucet Fix.

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