5 Tips to Prevent Your Next Clogged Sink

5 Tips to Prevent Your Next Clogged Sink

Although the drains seem like the perfect place to dispose of the food scraps that you rinse off your cups and dishes, they’re not designed to accommodate the amount of waste that goes down there on a regular basis. Food particles can block your drain, lead to clogged pipes and leave you with costly plumbing repairs. To avoid spending an arm and a leg on future plumbing bills, here are five tips to prevent your next clogged sink.

Use a Mesh Screen

The sink strainers are there to prevent scraps from going down the drain, but they often let small pieces escape through the holes which can accumulate and cause a clog. Instead, you should try using a mesh drain catcher that is designed to catch even the smallest of food scraps before they go down the drain. You can find a variety of shapes and sizes available at your local hardware or home supply store.

Rinse Once a Week

Your sink drains also need a good cleaning every week to keep clogs at bay. By pouring two to three litres of hot water down your drains, you can help remove any built-up soap scum and dissolve any leftover grease.

Pour Grease Into Tins

Grease is harmless to your drains when it’s hot, but when it cools down, it hardens into a sticky impenetrable substance. When you pour it down your sink, the grease can harden in your pipes, causing a lot of problems for you. To prevent your next clogged sink, pour any grease into a tin can and let it cool before throwing it in the trash.

Clean the Disposal Monthly

If you have a garbage disposal hooked up to your sink, you should be giving it a good cleaning every month. Try using a disposer brush to remove any leftover food particles and slime off the sides.

Use a Drain Cleaner

There are a number of biodegradable, non-corrosive drain cleaners out there that can be used to help keep your sinks clean of any build up. These types of drain cleaners are also much safer for you and your family than chemical cleaners and won’t damage your plumbing system either. You can use these monthly to prevent clogs from forming.

Don’t get stuck with the pain of a blocked drain, use these tips to prevent your next clogged sink. And if it happens again, make sure to contact us at Faucet Fix. Our team of highly-experienced plumbers can help fix the clog, repair any damage it may have caused, and give you some more pointers for preventing it from happening again.

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