5 Tips to Keep Your Water Usage Under Control During the Winter

5 Tips to Keep Your Water Usage Under Control During the Winter

Are you stressed out about your climbing water bills but don’t know how to mitigate the problem? With the rise in rates, being efficient with water usage has never been more important. Learn how to keep your water usage under control during the winter with these helpful tips.

Check or Update the Toilet

Even when the bathroom undergoes a remodel to give it a much-needed upgrade, many homeowners tend to overlook the toilet. Beyond aesthetics, opting for a newer toilet can drastically benefit your water usage and monthly bills since toilets account for approximately 25 percent of water used in the home. Plus, older toilets also have a higher tendency to leak. Spend the time now switching out the old toilet for a newer, modern, low-flow one that’s designed to reduce water consumption.

Check Other Faucets for Leaks

Slow drip leaks from faucets are also worth checking out and repairing since it’s literally like throwing money down the drain. Even a slight leak can end up wasting hundreds of gallons of water each and every month. Make sure to inspect your showerheads, bathroom sink, and other faucets around the home. If you spot a leak, have it fixed.

Start Dishwasher Only When Full

Whether it’s the dishwasher or your washing machine, try only to use these appliances once they’re almost full. Switching them on with only a quarter or half load is just a waste of water and energy. Stick to full loads to make better use of your utilities.

Replace Inefficient Appliances

If your appliances, like your dishwasher or washing machine, are several years old, chances are they’re not functioning like they used to. And many of these older machines can end up guzzling a significant amount of water and energy since they don’t have the advanced technology of newer models today. That’s why we recommend replacing any old appliances that are inefficient with new ENERGY STAR® rated ones that are designed to conserve more water and energy when being used.

Be Mindful

Finally, the last tip to consider to help keep your water usage under control during the winter is to be more mindful of how you personally use it in and around the home. Our everyday actions, like leaving the tap running while brushing your teeth, taking long, hot showers, or running the water while washing the dishes are simple actions that you can change right now to help reduce your level of water usage.

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