5 Things You Should Ask a Plumber First

5 Things You Should Ask a Plumber First

Need a plumber but not sure how to find a good one? Not all plumbers are made equal, and without shopping around or asking the right questions, you could end up being overcharged for shoddy workmanship. To help you steer clear of any plumbing hiccups, here are five things you should ask a plumber first before hiring them.

Are You Certified?

It’s illegal for a plumber to say they are certified when they’re not, but unfortunately, many still claim to be licensed when they haven’t gone through the proper testing. So, how do you know if the plumber you’re about to hire is certified and in good standing? You can check the Ontario College of Trades public registry if you’re looking at a particular person. If you’re looking at a business, then it’s best to check their reviews on HomeStars and on the Better Business Bureau to make sure they are legitimate and reliable.

Are You Insured?

Insurance is also an important part of their credentials. You’ll need to check that both the business and their professionals are insured to prevent paying for any potential damages out of your own pocket.

Do You Offer A Warranty?

It’s also vital that you find a plumber who’ll put their money where their mouth is. If they offer a warranty for their service, you’ll know that you’ve found a good plumber to work with.

What Are The Fees?

You should never trust a plumber who can’t tell you what the estimated costs will be upfront. Look for one who will give a price before they work.

What Is Your Response Time?

The response time is crucial, especially in an emergency situation. You should ask if they are on call 24 hours and how quickly they can arrive.

Do You Charge Any Other Fees?

Some plumbers charge for the service calls and transportation costs, which can really add to your bill. So ask if they have any additional hidden costs beforehand, and only hire someone who won’t charge you for dispatch fees or travel costs.

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