5 Steps to Prepare Your Drains for Freezing Temperatures

5 Steps to Prepare Your Drains for Freezing Temperatures

When you’re looking over your to-do list in preparation for the winter weather, it’s easy to miss some important items like cleaning your gutters, inspecting your attic, and winterizing your drains. But forgetting or neglecting these tasks, especially when it comes to your drains and pipes, can leave you with expensive repairs once the snow and freezing cold temperatures arrive. To ensure you catch any potential issues that leave you with a hefty repair bill in the spring, follow these five essential steps to prepare your drains for the freezing temperatures.

Get an Inspection

You should always have your drains inspected every fall before the temperatures dip below freezing, especially if there have been issues with your drains over the summer and fall. A professional plumber can identify any potential issues before they escalate into expensive ones.

Perform a Drainage System Cleaning

As part of the annual inspection, you should also have your drains cleaned out to prevent a buildup of debris in the pipes. This can help to eliminate any clogs which can prevent the water from flowing freely. If your pipes do freeze, this can create cracks and even eruptions, leaving you with a big expensive mess to clean up once they begin to thaw.

Install a Drain Protector

Once your drains are clear and clean, it’s wise to purchase a drain protector to prevent any further debris from collecting over the winter time. These are designed to keep the water flowing, which can also help prevent frozen pipes. You can easily purchase one at your local hardware store or talk to your plumber for recommendations.

Flush the Drains Out Regularly

To keep your drains and your pipes clear, some regular maintenance should be done every month. We recommend flushing out your drains and pipes with a baking soda and vinegar solution. This will help to remove any accumulated debris that could block the drains and cause a cracked or burst pipe.

Perform Weekly Maintenance

Don’t forget to perform weekly maintenance on your drains as well! By slowly pouring a full kettle of boiling water down the drain every week, you can heat up the pipes and loosen up any hardened materials.

The cold winter weather can do a number on your pipes and drains, so it’s important to have a plumber perform a proper annual inspection and cleaning to prevent any costly issues. For all your plumbing and pipe cleaning needs, call us at Faucet Fix, and we’ll ensure that your pipes are in good shape to properly handle the winter weather.

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