5 Steps in a Proper Fixture Installation

5 Steps in a Proper Fixture Installation

Considering installing a new sink on your own? With the right tools on hand and a little guidance, anything is possible. Here we’ll give you the five steps in proper fixture installation that you need to get the job done right.

Step 1 – Shut Off Water Supply Lines

Before you start a fixture installation, you need to shut off the valves that feed water to the faucet. That way you don’t end up soaking yourself during the removal process.

Step 2 – Measure

When you need to install a proper fixture, the first thing you should do is measure. Whatever fixtures you plan to replace, make sure you take the length and width so that you can simply remove the item and replace it with little hassle. If you’re not one for measuring, you can take the fixture with you to the hardware store so that you can compare the size to the ones in the store.

Step 3 – Getting The Right Tools

If you don’t want to spend days on the installation project, you’ll need the appropriate tools on hand to remove and install the fixture. So before you begin, inspect the current situation and figure out exactly what you need to get the job done right. That way you won’t have to stop halfway through only to realize you’re missing a vital tool to complete the installation.

Step 4 – Removing The Fixture

Once you have all the tools ready, you can then start to remove the fixture carefully. This will likely involve dismantling the pipes and P-traps that drain the sink, as well as the fixture from the connected pipes behind the wall. If anything is rusted, it may be difficult to remove them. You may need to call in a professional if you have any issues removing any of the parts.

Step 5 – Replace The Fixture

Once you have removed all the parts, you can now install your new fixture. All you need to do is carefully follow the directions that come with your new piece to get the job done. If you’re struggling, it’s best to call in a plumber who can get all the parts assembled correctly.

When your DIY project takes a turn for the worse, or you’re not willing to try a full replacement on your own, call the professionals at Faucet Fix. We’ll come in and finish a proper fixture installation for you so that you can sit back and relax.

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