5 Roadblocks your Plumber may face that Prevents them from Completing the Job

5 Roadblocks your Plumber may face that Prevents them from Completing the Job

A plumbing emergency can happen at any time. However, some repairs are not always an easy fix, and your plumber may not be able to solve it right there on the spot. To find out what we mean, here are five roadblocks your plumber may face that prevents them from completing the job and what you can do.

Overloaded Garbage Disposal

If you pour grease into your garbage disposal or put fibrous foods down there, it’s going to clog everything up and make it difficult for your plumber to fix it. It’s also important that you slowly load the disposal rather than pushing large amounts of garbage into it all at once. Otherwise, the plumber won’t be able to fix your backed up drain in a single visit.

Improperly-used Toilet

Your toilet is only suitable for toilet paper and human waste. Anything else you want to dispose of should only go in the garbage can, including tampons, cotton balls, baby wipes, food, etc. Your toilet isn’t designed to handle these things, and over time, the sewage pipe leading from your house is going to get blocked up as well making it a much bigger project for your plumber.

You Purchased non-Compliant Fixtures

More and more people are shopping online today. But if you buy a fixture that is imported from another country, it might not properly fit or have the same safety and efficiency standards as in Canada. So you may want to skip out on buying that beautiful fixture that comes with a reduced price from China and buy one from your local area instead.

You use Chemicals to Clear Drains

Drano and other chemicals that are designed to clear out drains actually can do more damage than good. Over time they can ruin the drainpipes and equipment that’s used to clear the stoppage, making it harder for your plumber to get the job done right.

The Water Heater isn’t large enough

Plumbers often get calls when there’s no hot water for the shower. In many instances, it’s not an actual plumbing issue. Often, the hot water doesn’t operate as it should be when the water heater is not large enough to meet the water demands for your entire dwelling. This is commonly found in homes that have secondary units being rented out or when people move into new homes. The more people using the bathroom, the higher the demand is on the water heater. Unfortunately, there’s not much your plumber can do until you purchase a larger one.

Whether it’s a big or small job, Faucet Fix has you covered. Give us a call to handle any of your plumbing issues as quickly as possible.

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