4 Ways to Prevent Bathroom Mould Growth

4 Ways to Prevent Bathroom Mould Growth

If you’ve started to notice a musty smell lingering in your bathroom, or spots along the walls or ceiling, there could be mould lingering behind the surface. Mould growth and spores are prone to develop in areas where consistent moisture and heat are present. And that’s why your bathroom is often the perfect environment for mould to thrive in.

Here are four ways that you can prevent mould from growing in your bathroom.

Provide Adequate Ventilation

It’s important for any room in your home to receive proper ventilation and circulation. This is especially important for somewhere such as your bathroom that has to endure constant moisture and high humidity. Ideally, you should have an exhaust fan installed in the bathroom to suck up the humid air and safely vent it away. If you don’t have a fan installed in your bathroom, always make a point to crack a window or leave the door open after the shower.

Use Good Quality Silicone

The silicone caulking around your tub and sink can be areas that are specifically prone to mould. This is often due to an improper type of caulking that’s simply not designed for an area with consistent dampness and heat. Remove any silicone that looks like it may be developing dark areas and apply one that is specifically labelled as a fungicide and/or mildewcide. This will prevent mould from growing around those vulnerable areas of the tub.

Mould-Resistant Paint

One simple, yet effective way from preventing those spores from latching onto your bathroom walls and ceiling is by using a mould-resistant paint. You can find these at a home décor or hardware store. Just be sure to use a good quality roller and brush when applying the paint, and be generous when applying it.

Use Fungicide Spray

If you do notice that there areas of mould in your bathroom, you can use a fungicide spray that will help kill those spores. Just spray is over any of those areas of tiles that have become darkened. Follow the instructions for proper application.

Mould can become a serious issue and can endanger the health of you and your family. So if you do notice it in your home, have it removed immediately. Always ensure that your bathroom and any area of your home is properly ventilated and can allow fresh air to circulate through. Finally, there are a number of products available, such as mould-resistant paint, which can prevent spores from growing and can help make your life a whole lot easier right from the get-go!

Leaky faucets, toilets, and pipes are more likely to lead to mould growth. Make sure all of your plumbing is in tip-top shape to minimize mould growth! Contact an Ottawa plumber today for all your faucet repair or installation needs.

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