4 Surprising Tips to Prevent Shower Drain Clogs

4 Surprising Tips to Prevent Shower Drain Clogs

If you’ve ever had to deal with a bathtub drain clog, you know how annoying it is. If your DIY attempts can’t solve the issue, call in an Ottawa plumber to get your bathtub and shower purring like new. But how about preventing the clog in the first place? Stop the problem before it begins with these four ideas:

Buy a Drain Screen

Addressing all the ladies out there. We love our long, luscious locks, but unfortunately, they can be a nightmare for our shower drains. One solution would be to chop it all off, but we’ve got a better idea. Simply head to your local home improvement store and buy a drain screen. These small little plastic or metal screen usually sell for under $10. They trap hair and other debris, stopping it from going down the drain and causing a clog. Simple clear the screen after your shower, and voila! No more drain clogs.

Invest in a Shower Caddy

Hair is the biggest concern with clogged drains, but it’s not the only cause. Little bits of soap can slide into the drain, clogging it further. If the soap dish in your shower isn’t doing its job, think about adding a reliable shower caddy to hold soap, shampoo, conditioner, razors, shaving cream, and all your other must-have shower accessories.

Use an Outdoor Pet Wash Station

It’s important to bathe your dog on a regular basis, but all that dog hair can wreak havoc on your drains. You can use a drain screen, but it’s unlikely to stay in place during the bath. Instead, why not bathe your pet in an outdoor pet shower? In the summer, it’s as simple as using an inflatable pool. In the winter, your best bet is to lay a washcloth over the drain. It should trap all the hair, which you can then dispose of safely.

Brush First!

Before you step into the shower, brush your hair. This will get rid of all those loose strands that would have otherwise fallen out in the shower. The best part of this trick is that you don’t need to buy any gadgets or learn any advanced plumbing techniques. Just use your hair brush!
Despite these preventions if the drain still ends up clogged, then no problem. Give your Ottawa plumber a call to unclog the drain and get your shower working as good as new!

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