4 Signs You Need a New Toilet

4 Signs You Need a New Toilet

Is it time to get a new toilet? Below are four signs you need a new toilet sooner rather than later.

1. When Water Efficiency Becomes an Issue

Did you know that you can improve the amount of water saved per flush when compared to a model from 20 years ago? In addition to reducing the septic and waste flow into your system from the toilet, you can also dramatically reduce the amount of leaks, repairs, and clogs that will happen with a less efficient model. If nothing else, replacing an older less efficient model will mean having a more comfortable toilet that looks better in the bathroom.

2. When the Tank is Making a Hissing Sound

Simply put, when it comes to plumbing, a hissing sound is never a good sign. This is as true for toilets as it is for pretty much any other aspect of plumbing. A hissing sound can mean that the float and fill valve along with other aspects of the toilet may be wearing out and causing a hissing noise as a result. It may also be the case that some part of the toilet is not in its right position. For example, there may be an issue with the ballcock assembly or even the entire fill valve.

3. When You Begin Experiencing Leaks

One of the most notable signs that it can be time to replace your toilet, a leak can be a big issue as water damage to the floor and anything below can cause significantly more expensive repairs if left unresolved. Broken flanges, bad seals, and hairline cracks are often the cause of leaks in a toilet. While some of the causes can be resolved with the assistance of a professional, you will have to eventually replace your toilet as it is on its last legs. You will know there is a leak if you can spot water damage in the area around the base of the toilet.

4. Flushes Poorly or is Constantly Running

Both of these problems can cause a significant loss of water and end up costing you a lot in water bills. Typically, constantly running toilets are an issue that can be resolved with a new flapper. Poor flushing can be caused by a lot of problems with some of them involving the purchase of a new toilet.

Regardless of your issue, consider contacting a professional plumber to diagnose your problem and report back on your options. Doing so will save you a lot of money in the long-term. It may be a simple repair, or installing a new toilet may indeed be the best option. Get in touch with Faucet Fix for same day or next day plumbing services in Ottawa!


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