4 Plumbing Jobs You Should Not Attempt Yourself

4 Plumbing Jobs You Should Not Attempt Yourself

With the plethora of DIY info and YouTube video available at our fingertips, it’s easy to think we can fix just about anything these days. And when your plumbing starts to falter, your reaction might be to do the same rather than wait and pay for a plumber. But plumbing can be a very complicated and interconnected network of systems that you may not want to mess with, especially when it comes to certain issues. So before you jump on YouTube and grab that wrench, consider these four plumbing jobs that you should never attempt yourself.

Replacing Old Piping

Replacing old pipes is not a simple combination of removing the old and replacing it with a newer version. Piping can be a very intricate system where one false move will have you digging much deeper into your pocket. Old, cracked rusty pipes come with potential complications. Aside from the network they are connected to, installing newer copper pipes requires the use of a torch for welding the pieces together. So for many individuals who are not trained in plumbing, using an open flame and removing old, cracked pipes should just be left to the experts.

Gas-line Plumbing

When it comes to gas-line plumbing, your DIY brakes should be applied immediately. Clearly, dealing with anything that involves gas should always be left in the hand of a professional so that everything is sealed tight and installed correctly.

Septic Tanks

If you think there may be a breach in your septic tank, it can be overwhelming just to try and make an assessment while in the presence of leaking sewage waste. So don’t place yourself in that position. Trained plumbers have the experience and knowledge to handle these situations and determine where your problem lies.

Remodelling your Bathroom

So you took a few plumbing courses back in college and now you think you can take on your entire bathroom project yourself. When it comes to your bathroom or kitchen – they are the two main rooms of your home that are most relied upon, so you don’t want to mess with them. Between the toilet, the shower, and the sink, it’s an area that requires much more that a few handy know-hows. So save yourself from forking out more money to fix your potential mistakes.

Hiring a plumber can seem like a costly endeavour. But considering how important the network of plumbing is throughout your home, it’s a very worthy and necessary investment. And when it comes to any of these particular tasks, never take it upon yourself to fix. Call an expert plumber and let them take care of the repairs correctly.

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