3 Drain Cleaning Mistakes You Should Never Make

3 Drain Cleaning Mistakes You Should Never Make

Homeowners are inevitably going to have a long list of projects that they need to keep an eye on and maintain in their home – and the plumbing is no stranger to this list. Your plumbing system is one of the most critical components of your property and should thus be treated with care and caution.

Any homeowner is going to encounter a clogged or slow-draining sink or tub at some point in time. While the issue can sometimes be solved by clearing accumulated hair from the top of the drain, often the issue can stem from a bigger problem further down the pipe, out of plain eyesight.

While homeowners can take steps to mitigate smaller issues on their own, it is advisable that homeowners bring in professional help for larger issues before taking steps that could cause more harm than good.

Here are 3 common drain cleaning mistakes to avoid:

Store-bought drain cleaner can only go so far

You can’t expect a chemical drain cleaner to solve every clog. There are some things that these cleaners just can’t break down – at least not unless left to sit untouched for days at a time. However, if you find your sink or shower drain is beginning to work slower, using a drain cleaner at the first signs could help to alleviate the blockage before it becomes a bigger problem.

Note that for bathroom sink and shower drains, blockages very commonly occur due to hair that has accumulated in the drain. For this, you can try using a small drain snake to clear the debris yourself. For more complex blockages, it is always advised to bring in a plumbing professional for an inspection to ensure you don’t do any damage to your plumbing system.

Don’t shove any tools down into your plumbing system

Unless you have professional experience and years of knowledge working on plumbing systems it is best to avoid shoving anything down your plumbing in an attempt to unclog the system. This is a mistake commonly made by homeowners, which can cause a much bigger problem. Your tools could get stuck, or worse you could break pipes, burst a joint, and generally wreak havoc on your plumbing system. Bring in a professional plumbing expert at the first sign of trouble to avoid creating bigger problems!

Never disassemble your pipes

Plumbing systems can look simple enough, but disassembling parts of your plumbing to try to investigate a clog can quickly result in a big mess with no resolution. Plumbing systems are installed with a delicate balance of slope and traps to ensure no harmful gases escape into the room through the sewer system. This balance can be easily damaged when trying to reassemble your system after taking things apart.

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