10 Household Items You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

The toilet is meant exclusively for human bodily fluids and toilet paper designed to break down in the water. Here is a list of ten things you should never flush down the toilet as plumbing problems will arise.

  1. Disposable Wipes. Baby wipes are not under any circumstance okay to be flushed down the toilet. Even the flushable brands should not be flushed down the toilet. Wipes are a sure way to clog the toilet lines as they do not break down like toilet paper.
  2. Tampons and Pads. These products are designed to expand and absorb moisture, they are not designed to be able to pass through the sewer lines. Wrap these materials neatly in a wrapper and dispose in the trash.
  3. Paper Towel. This material is much thicker than regular toilet paper taking more time to break down and therefore it can easily clog your toilet.
  4. Wrap it in toilet paper and dispose of it in the trash. Pipes and sewers were not designed to be able to flush rubber.
  5. Although it does not clog the toilet, medication does contaminate the water and cannot be removed thus permanently contaminating wherever the treated sewage ends up. Get rid of any extra medication you have at your local pharmacy.
  6. I think everyone at some point in a lifetime has experienced a clogged shower or toilet due to hair. Hair when in your pipes forms balls that clog the drains and trap odours in your pipes leaving a foul odour for you until you contact a plumber.
  7. Dental Floss. Very similar to hair, dental floss should never go down the toilet. Although one floss strand on its own doesn’t seem like much, it can build up and form blockages in your sewage pipes.
  8. Grease, oil and fats. Although they seem like harmless liquids when flushed, when they cool off they solidify and build up on the inner lining of sewage pipes. This can cause clogging issues or poor flow rate.
  9. Band-Aids. They are plastic and last a long time. Needless to say, they belong in the trash rather than the toilet.
  10. Cat Litter. Cat litter is not to be disposed of in the toilet. It’s absorbent and a dense material that readily binds when wet.

It is important to understand that only human bodily fluids and a little toilet paper are the only appropriate things to flush down the toilet. Everything else that needs to be disposed of should go in the trash. By understanding this, you can avoid plumbing-related problems caused by clogged toilets. If you do wind up with a clogged toilet, give the friendly team at Faucet Fix a call to solve it quickly at affordable prices.

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